Japanese Pentatonic Scales

Japanese Pentatonic Scale

Hirajōshi scale (平調子) may refer as “Japanese Pentatonic Scale”. The scale has been used by rock and jazz guitarists in search of ‘new’ sounds

 “In Sen” Sachs , Slonimsky :  1 b2 4 b5 b7 -> C-D♭-F-G♭-B♭

Burrows style: 1 3 4# 5 7 -> C-E-F♯-G-B


1 -b2-4-b5-b7

Kumoi Scale

It’s called “The Kumoi (Japanese) Scale“ by Steve Booke, “The Kumoi, or Hon Kumoi Shiouzhi scale, is a pentatonic scale that has a very exotic or, more specifically, Japanese sound.” It’s also known as Speed, Kostka & Payne.

1 2 b3 5 b6   ->   C-D-E♭-G-A♭

Key G:  G Ab C D Eb

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