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Minor Blues Scale

What is a Blues Scale? A blues scale is a type of scale composed of six notes that are derived from the major and minor pentatonic scales. While many believe that there is only one blues scale, the minor blues scale, this is incorrect. In fact, there are several different blues scales that can be classified in various ways.

The hexatonic or six-note blues scales include the minor blues scale with a b5, which is the most commonly used blues scale. It includes a root, minor third, fourth, flat fifth, minor seventh, and a flat ninth. The minor blues scale with a major third is the same as the minor pentatonic scale but with an added major third. The minor blues scale with a seventh has two possible combinations, one including a seventh note and the other including a flat fifth. The voodoo blues scale is the same as the minor blues scale but with an added sixth note.

The major blues scale is a variation of the major pentatonic scale with an added flat third or flat tenth note. It includes a root, second, minor third, blue note, major third, perfect fifth, and major sixth. The heptatonic scale includes eight notes, including the three blue notes. The nonatonic scale, also known as the composite blues scale or Mixolydian blues scale, combines the minor blues scale and the Mixolydian mode or major pentatonic scale, resulting in a scale with nine notes.

A Blues 6/1 pattern

A Blues 6/4 pattern

A Blues 6/3 pattern

A Blues 5/1 pattern

A Blues 5/3 pattern

A Blues 4/1 pattern

Embark on a musical journey with minor blues scales and our backing tracks as your guide.

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